What we do

  • We organize concerts and series at fixed locations. (more…)

  • We facilitate online learning programs. Musicians have access to a digital classroom and music students can take high-quality online lessons digitally. (more…)

  • As a partner of doozzoo, we advise and train institutions and freelancers in the use of this platform. (more..)

  • Educatieve projecten en internationale uitwisselingen organiseren. (voorbeeld…)

How it started

Gallery of Tones was founded by pianist Stefan ‘Stevko’ Busch. Since the concert series ‘Pianolab’ at the Amsterdam Goethe Institute (2006-2012), this platform has regularly presented his own projects and those of his esteemed colleagues.


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Cultural ANBI – Free gifts

Gallery of Tones develops online solutions for musicians who want to offer a course programme alongside their activities as performing musicians. Solutions that contribute to a new source of income. With your support, this will go faster. Because Gallery of Tones is an officially recognized ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), you can make a donation with tax benefits.

What is the tax benefit for donors of a cultural ANBI?

The Dutch tax authorities make a distinction between a one-time gift and a regularly recurring gift. A one-time donation may be (partly) tax deductible if you meet certain conditions. A periodic donation may, under certain conditions, be fully tax deductible. You can make a private or business donation. Whether it is fiscally smarter to give business or private depends on your personal situation. On anbigift.com you can calculate the best option for your situation.


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If you have any questions, please contact us at contact form, by email or by phone.

Everyone affiliated with us makes a living from their music. In order to maintain the cultural sector with the necessary creativity and perseverance, we desperately need your donation. With your support, we will make the music live on.

Donate now?

You can make a one-time donation directly to IBAN: NL72 INGB 0005 0418 51 in the name of Stichting Galerie der Tone, Arnhem. This is sufficient information for the tax authorities. (as at January 2020). Thank you very much in advance.

Gallery of Tones Foundation

Transformerplein 32
6827 AC Arnhem, NL
+31 (0)645 241 487

KvK number: 34191984
RSIN: 812675447
VAT number: NL8126.75.447B.01
IBAN: NL72 INGB 0005 0418 51

Board of the foundation:

Laure Tomatala (Chairman)
Erik Walbeehm (secretary)

Raising funds

Donations can be general or project based, in the past all funds were project based. Donations and legacies are also possible. Finally, funds are approached insofar as activities are eligible for subsidy. Crowdfunding is also one of the possibilities. Audience revenues comprise a relatively small portion of the required funds. Promotion and sale of tutorials will be facilitated as a source of income for artists, from which a percentage will be retained for the foundation.

The management of the institution’s assets and their use

The board manages the assets of the foundation and determines the expenditure of the resources within the framework provided by the articles of association. Every year the foundation accounts for the spending of its resources in a concise annual report. This annual report is available for inspection at the secretariat and is published on our website. In the event that the foundation is liquidated, any surplus will be spent on a qualifying ANBI institution with a similar activity profile.


The position of board member is unpaid. However, directors may be awarded an expense allowance and an attendance fee, which may not be excessive.

Policy plan

Annual accounts 2019