Gallery of Tones organised several productions over the years. For example, the concept ‘Pianolab’ came out of our quiver. A beautiful series of topical concerts in the Goethe Institute Amsterdam with the piano in focus. Also various performances on other venues have been realized with Gallery of Tones.


Gallery of Tones Live in Bethlehemkerk Amsterdam

Series of concerts and masterclasses

Live in Bethlehemkerk is a new series that focusses on diversity in musical styles, cultures and instruments. Each programme consists of a concert part and an educational part 'Xtra Time with the Artist', spread over two days.

Mankind De Stilte with Busch & Van Kemenade

Family performance with dance and live music

Evolution has brought us to where we are today. We think we know who we are. We think we know where we come from. This show has been running since its 2018 premiere. "For children a funny, intriguing play, for adults a symbolic treatise. Handsome." Francine van der Wiel - NRC

Multi Roots Indo-Flamencojazz Jorge Pardo, Dinesh Mishra,

Flute · Bansuri · Percussion · Tabla · Piano

Fusion with elements of flamenco, jazz, North Indian and Persian music. A member of the legendary Paco de Lucia Quintet for nearly 20 years, Jorge Pardo is the torchbearer of modern flamenco-jazz flute.

Busch & Van Kemenade

Alto Sax · Piano

With this duo, Paul van Kemenade and Stevko Busch have developed their own musical language over the years - serene, quiet, full of soul, with tender silences, contemplation, the occasional primal outburst, always followed by reconciliation. New album 'Double Duo' released December 2019.

Museum Arnhem

Museum concerts as highlights of exhibitions

After the first successful concert with Keiko Shichijo during the exhibition 'Female Power', the Gallery of Tones received a grant from the Fonds Cultuur Arnhem to organize additional concerts.

Derelict Hamelink, Strootman, Busch

Cello · Guitar · Piano · Space

In 2016 Jacqueline, Aart and Stevko recorded their first album 'Derelict' completely live and improvised in LocHal, a large empty industrial hall in Tilburg. A final tribute to this magisterial space, just weeks before the hall undergoes a major renovation.