Connected musicians

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Gallery of Tones works with professional musicians from different styles – classical, jazz, pop, contemporary & world music. Here you will find an overview. Some of the musicians are also active as coaches within our Academy.


Anagha Bhat


Anagha Bhat is a North-Indian classical vocalist based in Bengaluru, India. She is a disciple of Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar. Anagha is passionate about sharing the beauty of music with the world and is committed to using her art to foster peace and understanding.

David Williams-Mitchell


David lived in China and worked with Uyghur musicians and learned their roots. Later he also worked with Iranian artists. He aims to do his part to spread knowledge of this beautiful and inspiring music traditions by playing and teaching it on the Western guitar.

Imran Khan

Sitar & Composition

Imran Khan belongs to the famous lineage of the Sikar Gharana (school of music) that has given many stalwarts to Indian classical music. He shared the stage with his uncle, late Ustad Sultan Khan, who was a part of Beatles’ George Harrison’s and Pandit Ravi Shankar’s group “Dark Horse” and tour with him for 22 concerts in different cities in India. Since then he performs internationally with musician of different cultures.

Priya Purushothaman


Priya Purushothaman is part of the new generation of young Hindustani classical vocalists. She specializes in the style of the Agra gharana, characterized by its power, inspiration and playfulness. She has collaborated in many genres with artists such as Grammy-award winning composer Osvaldo Golijov, and with the Dutch Jazz ensemble 'Spinifex'. As a teacher, Priya has a private teaching practice for students from different musical backgrounds from all over the world .