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Aleksandra Popovska


Aleksandra is profoundly skilled in a variety of musical styles. She is known for her mastery as a singer with a unique interpretation of traditional Macedonian songs and is one of the most famous Macedonian musicians within the European world music and the Balkan music scene.

Cengiz Arslanpay

Ney (reed flute), electronics, composer

Cengiz is a multi-instrumentalist, music technologist and composer. His music combines authentic primal instruments with electronic sounds. With his collection of flutes from all over the globe he creates a wide variety of sound worlds.

Philip Lassiter

Trumpet, arrangement

Phil is an 11-time Grammy award winning arranger and trumpet player, and former section leader/arranger for 'Prince and the New Power Generation', Kirk Franklin, Ariana Grande, Timbaland, Roberta Flack, Jill Scott and others. You can reach him for online classes here.

Oene Van Geel

Viola, Composer

Oene is a musical adventurer. Influenced by jazz, Indian music, chamber music and free improvisation, he uses his virtuoso improvisational skills and his compositional talent for a wide range of musical activities

Niko Langenhuijsen

Composer, arranger, pianist, bassist

Niko has been a great inspiration for the Dutch music scene since 1973. He had several groups of his own, composed/arranged often for orchestras such as Metropole orchestra, and has been working at several colleges such as Conservatories of Amsterdam and Tilburg and HKU since 1979.

Raymond Honing

Flute, Traverso

Dutch flutist Raymond Honing - a teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory - moves just as easily in the world of contemporary music as in that of historical performance practice. Many composers have dedicated works to Raymond, and he also worked with Pablo Ziegler, Piazzolla’s regular pianist.

Abbos Kosimov

Percussion, Doyra-virtuoso

Abbos Kosimov is widely appreciated as an international phenomenon; through his dynamic performances, he is recognized globally as a master of doyra and an ambassador of Uzbek culture.. He has worked with Stevie Wonder, Zakir Hussain's 'Masters of Percussion' and the Kronos Quartet, including at Carnegie Hall.

Anton Goudsmit

Guitar, Composer

The Amsterdam-based guitarist and composer is a whirlwind of creativity, capable of bringing audiences to ecstasy with his irresistible groove and unique musical personality. His inventiveness and cheerfulness make Anton an in-demand performer; every concert is an exciting ride for the audience, his colleagues, and himself....

Rozalie Hirs

Composer, poet

“Purified, as if washed clean—that is one way one might characterize the music of Rozalie Hirs (1965). Her work is presented with the greatest clarity; she creates a world in a few gestures. Within that world, sonic beauty is of greater importance than the display of technique or structure...” Anthony Fiumara about Rozalie Hirs

Hermine Deurloo


Although she has her roots in jazz, Hermine Deurloo deliberately chooses broad and sometimes unusual musical combinations within string quartets, big bands, African music and film soundtracks. One of her more recent albums is with drummer Steve Gadd.

Rhani Krija


Rhani Krija was born in Essaouira, Morocco, in the heart of the Gnawa culture, in 1971. Known for his expertise in authentic Andalusian, Arabic, African, and Latin rhythms, Rhani is a highly sought-after, international percussionist who has worked with Sting, Dominic Miller, Herbie Hancock, Al Di Meola, Placido Domingo, Peter Gabriel, Vince Mendoza, Annie Lennox, Prince, and others.

Keiko Shichijo

Piano, Fortepiano

Her traditional Japanese sensibility combined with her knowledge of European historical performance practice form her unique vision. A specialist in contemporary music, Keiko has worked with many composers, including Helmut Lachenmann and Tom Johnson. "...purity of sound - breathtaking..." (audience response)

Timo Hoppe

Double bass, bass guitar, fretless

Timo Hoppe is a double bass soloist. His development led him through many genres. He plays classical, modern and early music and jazz at the highest level. His collaboration with the Cologne authentic-sound ensemble 'Das Neue Orchester' demonstrates his experience with historical performance practice, with which he has been intensively involved since 1996.

Sven Jungbeck

Gipsy guitar

In the field of gipsy jazz, he is part of the world famous Joscho Stephan Trio. Sven has a successful youtube channel with tutorials in which he approaches the gipsy guitar. You can arrange live coaching sessions with him here.

Lothar Ohlmeier

Tenor saxophone, clarinets

"Lothar Ohlmeier has one of the most attractive tenor sounds you're likely to hear, rich, sonorous and affecting" Chris Parker/Londen

Stefan (Stevko) Busch


Stefan is the artistic director of Gallery of Tones. He is known as a particularly good accompanist, which can be heard in his duo with the saxophonist Paul van Kemenade. For several years now, Stefan has been immersing himself in composing semi-classical piano pieces, and has developed a teaching method with which all styles and levels can be trained.

Jorge Pardo

Flamenco Flute, Saxophone

He was a member of the renowned 'Paco de Lucia Quintet' for almost 20 years and played with such greats in flamenco and jazz as Carles Benavent, Camerón and Chick Corea.

Paul van Kemenade

Alto saxophone

He is one of the grand seigneurs of Dutch and European jazz. As a musician internationally known for his unparalleled sound, as a festival organizer innovative and open-minded.

Dinesh Mishra

Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute)

He is an explorative musician who takes new paths in world music based on his traditions. Although he has a deep respect for his teacher Hariprasad Chaurasia, he does not follow in his footsteps. Like a true bridge builder, he connects with musicians from all styles that are appealing to him.

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