platform for online music education

Our online music academy is partnered with doozzoo: an advanced platform designed specifically for online music education. Gallery of Tones is an official partner of doozzoo and we are proud of it.

doozzoo is made for and by musicians. The workflow and optimized sound guarantee enormous time savings and a perfect learning experience. doozzoo is recommended by European Music Schools, the European umbrella organization for music schools.


Teaching music online is easy with doozzoo. The platform works in most browsers and on stationary computers, laptops and tablets. No need to install separate software.

Some advantages of doozzoo

  • The sound is always in sync with the picture. Students and coaches can play along with a track in real time.
  • You can easily share scores and audio.
  • Metronome, tuner and other tools are integrated into the interface.
  • You can record and save each session.
  • All lesson materials remain accessible even after a lesson.
  • All data is stored on European servers under strict privacy rules.

Advantages of online lessons

In this day and age, the demand for online music lessons is increasing. We work from home more often than usual. Moreover, online lessons offer advantages: As a student, you no longer have travel time, you can look beyond the musicians who are in your area. doozzoo lessons can even be more affordable than lessons at the average music school. As a teacher you can make use of an accessible platform that is constantly being developed.

Find a coach

Would you like to take music lessons? Then contact the music coach of your choice. All of our coaches work with doozzoo. Are you already following online music lessons, but are you using a different platform? Tell your teacher about doozzoo. You can try it together for free and experience the benefits.

doozzoo online music lesson