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New members and collaborations

Welcome Markus Stockhausen and Levon Eskenian, and again Julie Sassoon

Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble

The Gurdjieff Folk Instruments Ensemble was founded in 2008 by the Armenian musician Levon Eskenian, with the aim of creating ethnographically authentic arrangements of the G.I. Gurdjieff/Thomas de Hartmann piano music. The ensemble consists of Armenia’s leading Eastern folk instrumentalists.

Markus Stockhausen

Markus Stockhausen, international trumpet soloist and composer, has collaborated extensively with his father, the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. Since 2002 he focusses on his own composed and improvised music, including a kind of devotional, intuitive music that transcends all musical styles. As a teacher he regularly gives seminars on "Singing and Silence" as well as on "Intuitive Music And More".

Julie Sassoon

British pianist/composer Julie Sassoon’s recent release on the Berlin Jazzwerkstatt Label is a live solo piano CD entitled ‘Land of Shadows’. The music explores her German-Jewish identity - a theme that has become a prominent part of her artistic work since her move from London to Berlin in 2009.

Upcoming events

The upcoming events of artists and/or groups involved. For more, see eventlist

Deepsankar Bhattacharya & Suman Sarkar

Saturday 01 November 2014, 20.00

Anna Yogacenter Arnhem


Sunday 30 November 2014,

Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam (NL)