Raymond Honing fluit en traverso

Raymond Honing: The Big 5 of Flute Playing

Get insights of one of the experienced performers of western flute music - both historical and modern. Raymond is a professor in Amsterdam and other places, a conductor and composer as well.


Anton Goudsmit: Two Guitar Solo Pieces

A rare opportunity to learn some of the solo compositions of Anton. With many loops to play along with. Practice step by step this beautiful and energizing music.


Priya Purushothaman: Indian Vocal Course

Learn the basics of the Indian vocal music with this video course of the inspiring artist. You will get lots of information and exercises to practice.

David Williams Mitchell - modal guitar

David Williams-Mitchell: A modal approach to guitar playing

In this course, David will draw on a wealth of understanding of Iranian and Uyghur music to teach you how to consider each note and phrase more carefully - to make your melodic playing more interesting and personal.