Gallery of Tones is an international network where music professionals and enthusiasts meet. We organize concerts, international meetings and workshops, and facilitate an online learning environment.  In this way we bring exceptional work from contemporary and classical music from different cultures to the attention of the public. All musicians can be hired as performing artists for concerts and festivals. We are boundless, inspiring, inquisitive, multicultural, innovative but also faithful to traditions.


Rozalie Hirs Portrait Concert


Gardenconcert with music and poetry by Rozalie Hirs. With Keren Motseri · soprano; Luna Quartet – Janneke van Prooijen, Jellantsje de Vries, Elisabeth Smalt, Katharina Gross; Fie Schouten · bass clarinet; Marieke Franssen · flute

Cengiz Arslanpay July 2021

FR 23 JULY 2021 20.00 - 21.00 LOODS, DEN HAAG

Cengiz Arslanpay - ney and modular synthesizer with Trio SonCe Maryanka Golovchenko - vocals, Pau Sola Masafrets - cello; Ellen Knops - light

Paul van Kemenade July 2021

JUL 2021, Utrecht, Den Bosch (NL)

Alto saxophonist Paul van Kemenade with Maria Portugal · drums, Jasper van ’t Hof · piano; ZNWO

Online music lessons

Being a student you can hire member musicians as teachers/coaches, participate in workshops and master classes, and take tutorials that we produce ourselves. All coaches are professional musicians with a lot of practical experience. They are happy to help you achieve your musical goals, using software developed specifically for teaching online music lessons.


Jorge Pardo

Flamenco Flute, Saxophone

He was a member of the renowned 'Paco de Lucia Quintet' for almost 20 years and played with such greats in flamenco and jazz as Carles Benavent, Camerón and Chick Corea.

Rozalie Hirs

Composer, poet

“Purified, as if washed clean—that is one way one might characterize the music of Rozalie Hirs (1965). Her work is presented with the greatest clarity; she creates a world in a few gestures. Within that world, sonic beauty is of greater importance than the display of technique or structure...” Anthony Fiumara about Rozalie Hirs

Stefan (Stevko) Busch


Stefan is the artistic director of Gallery of Tones. He is known as a particularly good accompanist, which can be heard in his duo with the saxophonist Paul van Kemenade. For several years now, Stefan has been immersing himself in composing semi-classical piano pieces, and has developed a teaching method with which all styles and levels can be trained.


The best music coaches for online music lesson

Are you a professional musician yourself?


The online-meeting platform for music education

We are the Dutch partner of Doozzoo. In this we provide training for freelance musicians and institutions, and are allowed to give discounts on contracts with Doozzoo. All coaches here can be reached through this platform. Go to the personal page of your favorite and contact him or her directly.

We are a cultural non-profit foundation according to Dutch law.

Most musicians are active in multiple fields within their profession – live performer, coach, producer, promoter, designer. Sometimes that really is a lot of work. Gallery of Tones Foundation offers freelance musicians a platform and facilitates what is necessary for that. So they can focus on the most important thing: their profession as performer and coach.

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