Orchestra of Sarala Birla Academy, Bangalore collaborates with youth orchestra Corrente, Nijmegen

Dr. K.K. Mishra · Composition, Conductor, Rohin Joseph · Composition, Guido Janssen · Conductor

Between October 12 and 19, 2016, the student orchestra of the Sarala Birla Academy from Bangalore, India will meet for the first time with the Regional Youth Orchestra Corrente and other young musicians. During the meetings at De Lindenberg in Nijmegen, the young people will get to know each other and rehearse the composition “Srishti” (The Creation) to be performed on October 16 in the Great Hall of the Arnhem City Theatre.

This collaboration was initiated by the Indian composer and bansuri player Dinesh Mishra (Kalashray Foundation, Village of Arts & Culture, India) who is also the artistic director of the project.

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RJO Corrente has its home base at De Lindenberg. Every Wednesday, the young musicians of Corrente drop in cheerfully and unstructured for their weekly rehearsal. Instruments are unpacked, chairs shifted, sheet music rustles and then the conductor gives a sign. Within seconds the noisy laughing and chatting changes to serious and concentrated playing. All attention turns to the conductor and the music. But the fun remains. In fact: at the Regional Youth Orchestra Corrente, experiencing pleasure in music together is paramount. Under the leadership of conductor Guido Jansen, the two groups grow together into one intercultural orchestra.

The composer Dr. KK Mishra on the piece

“Srishti or ‘Creation’ is a fusion of sounds that resonate both in nature and also in the universe. Music, according to Hindu philosophies, moves the consciousness and the soul and serves to elevate the spirit. In the recent past, an increase in electronic music and digital sounds has contributed to a generation of young listeners losing much of their ability to perceive and appreciate sounds from nature. The Performing Arts Department at Sarala Birla Academy has embarked on a journey of discovery into the essence of music by connecting sounds from nature with ancient Indian ragas and contemporary world music. An eclectic mix of these ancient ragas with the sound of Indian and Western instruments creates a captivating experience. The composition aims to make you relive the creation of the universe by discovering the unique role of sound or ‘Naad Brambha’ – god of sound in the process of creation – SRISHTI”

Composition: Dr. K.K. Mishra and Mr. Rohin Joseph (India)

Performance by students of the Sarala Birla Academy in collaboration with RJO Corrente conducted by Guido Jansen.

Dance: students of the Jenaplan school ‘Metameer’ Boxmeer under the direction of Sophie Bläser.


The Srishti project has room for strings and horns from the age of 10 years. Adults are also welcome. If you play a stringed instrument or a wind instrument (min. 4 years of lessons), if you have private lessons or lessons at a music school, you are welcome!


This first meeting is the basis for future exchanges between students of the Sarala Birla Academy with Dutch youth and students. The goal is to promote friendly contact between people and organizations in both countries.  Prior to this, the Indian students have already spent a week working with musicians at the Akademie der Kulturen NRW, the German partner of this project. The initiative is vigorously supported by the Galerie der Töne Foundation during the production and in recruiting sponsors.


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This project is a collaboration of Sarala Birla Academy, India with Akademie der Kulturen NRW, Germany and Stichting Galerie der Töne, Netherlands.

Dinesh Mishra © Rechungpa
Guido Janssen © Shanka Abeysekera

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