Massimo Raoul Beckers

Composition, (Bass) Guitar, Theory Lessons

Born in Switzerland (1994) and with a passion for music, Massimo Raoul Beckers grew into a versatile musician and researcher. He graduated from the University of Maastricht (UM) with a Bachelor of Arts & Culture and from the University of Amsterdam (UvA) with a Master of Musicology. Then he decided to study at the Conservatory in Utrecht (HKU) and focus on his own compositions, bass guitar and improvisation. He also did training as a conductor at the Multi-Year Conductor Training (MDO). As a music teacher, Massimo has many years of experience and thanks to his academic background, he possesses a lot of knowledge about all kinds of musical styles, music history and ways of composing. His work as a conductor ensures that Massimo is immersed in specific musical details and developing a good listening ear.

The composer

As a composer, Massimo unfolds his own voice through his music. His music is often idiosyncratic, harmonically diverse and rhythmically dynamic. As a composition teacher, he will work with you to find your own voice as a musical creator. Thanks to his music theory background, he is also familiar with a multitude of composition techniques that can get you started as a composer.

Music Theory and Solfeggio/Ear training

Music is a language, which many musicians speak fluently. If you want to co-communicate, you have to master this language, the language of music theory. The theoretical side behind music is not only incredibly useful to know and learn to speak, but can also help you in inspiring new ways of composing and understanding music.

Training your ear (often called solfeggi) is extremely important for every musician. In these lessons you will work with Massimo to improve your hearing to such an extent that you can learn to recognize intervals, scales, chords and whole passages by ear. With a well-developed ear it is possible to recognize parts from a recording right away and reproduce it by ear. In addition, it helps you to understand the music much better.

The Bassist and Guitarist

As an instrumentalist, Massimo specializes mainly in the technical side of playing the instrument:
How can I play this passage to efficiently
what is the best hand position on the instrument? and How can I increase my speed? are some examples of topics often covered in Massimo’s classes. In addition, Massimo’s extensive theoretical knowledge ensures that you will also get to know your instrument in terms of note and chord knowledge.

What to expect

Focus of Massimo’s coaching

Composition, Music theory, Solfeggio, Bass guitar, Guitar


ArtPop, classical, jazz




from 16 years of age.


Dutch, English, German, Swiss German


upon request

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