Gallery of Tones for freelance musicians

Will you be our new Gallery of Tones colleague?

Freelancing in music offers a world of possibilities: giving concerts, composing music, teaching other music enthusiasts. You can pick up different disciplines and shape your career the way you want. But there are also drawbacks to this independence. You have to do everything on your own. Right?

You’re not the only one. By joining a collective, you can make use of the expertise of a group of colleagues without losing your independence. We are a non-profit foundation that can facilitate your professional practice, especially in the area of online teaching.

Are the following things recognizable to you?

  • You are a professional musician and you want to develop your online teaching practice.

  • You want to ride on the dynamics of a group of colleagues who have already figured out what possibilities there are.

  • You don’t want to spend too much time finding and attracting students of an appropriate level.

  • You want a good technical solution for your music lessons with the best possible sound quality and the fewest possible barriers.

  • You want new customers to sign up for you regularly.

  • You want to be able to reach students all over the world.

  • You make online tutorials (or plan to do so) which you would like to sell internationally via the internet.

Then you want the same as us!

Join us and enjoy the benefits.


As a Dutch partner of Doozzoo, we have a group account of this software, optimized for online music lessons. As a connected freelancer, you will be able to take advantage of this and learn from the other musicians how to use the software to its full potential. Read more about Doozzoo here.


We use as many online channels as possible to connect our member teachers and coaches with potential students. To do this, we invest together in SEO, SEA, social media and networking.

All our coaches are active as performing musicians or producers. We can include your concerts and performances in the Event Calendar, which will also give you extra media attention as a performer. In this way it becomes clear to the (potential) students that they are taught by an active, creative musician who regularly performs on stage or in the studio.


We want to keep the costs for you as a teacher as low as possible. In any case, we strive to charge less than you would have to invest if you were to build everything on your own.

The cost is composed of account fees for Doozzoo and PR fees. Please contact our artistic director Stefan Busch to discuss whether Gallery of Tones is also something for you.

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