Project Description

Jacqueline Hamelink


Jacqueline is the initiator and driving force of ‘Derelict’ with guitarist Aart Strootman and pianist Stevko Busch, creator of the ‘Bach Clinic’, the ‘Growing Music’ in the ‘Growing Pavillon’ at the ‘Dutch Design Week’ 2019 and many more innovative projects.

With Gallery of Tones she has worked in museum concerts with voice artist Jaap Blonk, among others.

Jacqueline Hamelink is a cellist who cannot sit still! Originally working in the classical music world, her passion is to explore new musical idioms and a wide range of theatrical forms.

Visual art, fashion, dramaturgy, photography, poetry, design, architecture and new music by living composers are combined and mixed, expressing her fascination with contemporary music and musical theater.

Moving, singing, dancing, acting, designing, producing her own new projects and creating, in other words – playing for and with new and receptive audiences is what she feels strongly about: touching the strings and breaking down the barriers between the heart and the mind.

Sounding Bodies

She is the creator and artistic director of Sounding Bodies Foundation. Music that you can feel with your body. Music in direct contact with the audience. That is what Sounding Bodies is all about – it is an organization that creates theatrical music experiences. Sounding Bodies combines different disciplines into one synergistic form: 1+1=3