Project Description


Jacqueline Hamelink · cello, concept, Aart Strootman · guitar, Stevko Busch · piano

What do you get when a classically trained cellist, a jazz pianist and young minimal composer get together with an electric guitarist to improvise? Exactly, every time something completely different! Jacqueline Hamelink, Aart Strootman and Stevko Busch form a trio for genre-transcending experimental music with a distinct preference for playing in unusual locations.

In 2016 Jacqueline, Aart and Stevko recorded their first album entirely live and improvised in LocHal, a large empty industrial hall in Tilburg. A final tribute to this magisterial space, just weeks before the hall undergoes a major renovation. The album is called ‘Derelict’ and can be found here.

Do you know a special space and are you curious they will bring the acoustics to life? We’re always looking for distinct venues to play!



Aart Strootman

Guitar, Composer

"Aart Strootman is completely authentic; he makes inventions in the field of sound that are particularly inspiring. He approaches composition with an exceptional freshness and knows how to reinvent the sound of each instrument in an ensemble down to the finest detail. A performer, an improviser, an inventor, a unique composer." (Gaudeamus Jury)

Stefan (Stevko) Busch


Stefan is the artistic director of Gallery of Tones. He is known as a particularly good accompanist, which can be heard in his duo with the saxophonist Paul van Kemenade. For several years now, Stefan has been immersing himself in composing semi-classical piano pieces, and has developed a teaching method with which all styles and levels can be trained.

Jacqueline Hamelink


Initiator and driving force of 'Derelict' with guitarist Aart Strootman and pianist Stevko Busch, creator of 'Sounding Bodies', the 'Bach Clinic', the 'Growing Music' at 'Dutch Design Week' 2019 and many more innovative projects. Originally working in the classical music world, her passion is to explore new musical idioms and a wide range of theatrical forms.