Project Description

Abbos Kosimov

Percussion, Doyra

Abbos Kosimov

Percussion, Doyra

Abbos Kosimov is widely appreciated as an international phenomenon; through his dynamic performances, he is recognized globally as a master of doyra and an ambassador of Uzbek culture.

Abbos was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, into a highly musical family. He studied at the College of Culture and Music under doyra master Mamurjon Vahabov and graduated in 1984. From the age of ten, he also studied with Ustad Tuychi Inagomov, an award-winning artist, officially recognized by the Uzbek head of state. In 1991, Abbos won second prize at Kazakhstan’s Competition for Percussive Instruments.

Teaching and Coaching

Abbos teaches workshops and individual lessons. With him you will learn the finer points of modern doyra playing.

Asked about the doyra, Abbos says: “Uzbek culture is deeply rooted in its music and dance traditions. As such, the doyra has grown and evolved with the country over time. The instrument plays a deep role in reflecting Uzbek history, religion, heritage and cultural traditions. Doyra is my life and I cannot live without it.”


He has recorded and played with singer Stevie Wonder and with Zakir Hussain´s ‘Masters of Percussion’. Abbos has performed at Carnegie Hall with the Kronos Quartet, with Dohee Lee, Homayoun Sakhi and Alim Qasimov Ensemble, Omar Sosa, Giovanni Hidalgo, Terry Bozzio, Swapan Chaudhuri, Steve Smith, Hand Ensemble, Adam Rudolph and other famous musicians.

Alliance for California Traditional Arts

In 2009 kreeg hij de Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) Apprenticeship grant om dorya-ritmes te onderwijzen als master artist en mentor van de Centraal-Aziatische danseres Tara Pandeya. Na zijn deelname aan de ACTA-leerlingschap, was hij medeoprichter van de non-profit groep East West Centerpoint met Tara Pandeya om de kunst en culturen van Centraal-Azië te promoten. De organisatie streeft naar dialoog, interesse, tolerantie en intercultureel begrip tussen de Oosterse en Westerse culturen door de ontwikkeling van Centraal-Aziatische podiumkunsten, onderwijs en onderzoek.

What to expect

Focus of Abbos´s coaching

Modern and traditional doyra


Central Asian percussion, jazz, world music


Advanced and master