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Pianolab - Inner Time Spaces
Tuesday 05 May 2015 20.30 Loft, Cologne, DE
Wißmannstraße 30, +49 221 519872


Anatolian/Armenian roots and the music of Paul Motian, Komitas, a.o.


Vahé Hovanesian (ARM) - duduk
Tom Arthurs (GB/D) - trumpet
Christian Thomé (D)  - drums
Isambard Khroustaliov (GB) electronics
Stevko Busch (D/NL) - piano
Interpretation of music by Paul Motian, Komitas Vardapet, own work


Dante Boon (NL) - solo piano

Komitas Vardapet - Six dances 
Anastassis Philippakopoulos (geb. 1969) - 5 piano pieces 2005-2011   


Concept: Henning Bolte, Stevko Busch



Videos and details here




Two Amsterdam-based pianists meet renowned international guests during Gallery Of Tones / Pianolab. This year’s point of departure is the distinctive style and sonic universe of Paul Motian (1931-2011). This American percussionist is famous for his unique, spatial style of playing, combining Western, Afro-American and Eastern influences.