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Julie Sassoon


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Die neueste Veröffentlichung der der britischen Pianistin und Komponisten Julie Sassoon ist eine Cd mit live Mittschnitten mit dem Titel 'Land of Shadows'. Die Musik entdeckt ihre Deutsch-Jüdische Identität, ein Thema, dass seit ihrem Umzug von London nach Berlin einen immer lebendiger werdenden Teil ihrer künstlerischen Arbeit eingenommen hat. Julie hat in der Vergangenheit Konzerte im Pianolab gespielt.


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RBB Kulturradio recorded and broadcasted her concert at the main synagogue in Berlin – (part of her Spring 2012 German Tour.) Performances at the Bauhaus, Dessau and the Loft in Cologne are also included on the CD. The result is a highly emotive and unique album.

The solo concert she shared with the Enrico Pieranunzi Trio at the recent London Jazz Festival was a great success … listed in the Guardian amongst the top ten highlights of the festival.


“… An unclassifiable venture… Julie consistently makes the piano, her voice and her deepest emotions sound awesomely and naturally inseparable.”                      John Fordham - The Guardian


“… The sounds rise up from silence, from a far away place, from a different time, until they land in the present where they begin to glow. Watching Julie Sassoon play, one has the impression that the piano will consume her completely. From hidden depths she unearths the sounds, one by one, she threads them into chains, bundles them up into sound clusters, and lets them slide gently back into silence…”

Bert Noglik – Berlin Jazz Festival Director



 “…Land of Shadows is a wonderfully rich and beautiful record. Its also a very brave one that succeeds in taking its message beyond the personal into areas both more spiritual and profound.

And, most importantly, its form, its content and its performance combine to tell its story of suffering and transcendence. This is its inner core, its strength of purpose and meaning.”

Duncan Heining – All About Jazz



“… Indeed Land of Shadows might be thought of as ‘The Cologne Concert’ after Jarrett’s ‘The Köln Concert’. It deserves (and, given a chance, will receive) the same kind of recognition and adulation.”

Mike Butler – Dyverse Music


‘Land of Shadows is an impressive album from start to finish… a mix of the simple and complex, gentle and strident, dark and light, it’s powerful and affecting…”

Bruce Lindsay – All About Jazz