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«It is poetry, that breathes, music pulsating in a unique rhythm.»

Ralf Dombrowski, Jazzthing 04/2014 

Masaa is a young German-Lebanese newcomer band that took the German jazz scene by storm in 2012. The four-man band Masaa formed in 2011, and only one year later was awarded the “Bremer Jazzpreis”, received a promotion prize from "Initiative Musik" of the german government and played two sold-out concerts at the A-Trane in Berlin as part of the Berlin Jazz Festival. 


The band’s music ranges between contemporary jazz, world music and pop and combines these musical elements with oriental sounds and Arabic poetry. The band’s exceptional singer, Rabih Lahoud, tells tales of faraway lands with his emotional singing and is skilled at allowing these different sounds to become one in the music. With its unique style, Masaa has distanced itself from typical oriental clichés. Rather, one can observe how the four musicians create a poetic and musical mosaic out of their own personal worlds capturing the diversity of life. 


Through their music, Masaa strives to contribute to the intercultural exchange between the European and Arab (music) worlds. 
After being awarded the audience prize at the competition "Creole" in 2013 and receiving again a promotion prize from "Initiative Musik" of the german government they released their second CD on the label “Traumton”. 


With their new music, which is celebrated by the international trade press, they toured in two weeks in East-Africa organised by the German Goethe- Institut. 


MASAA will receive the German worldmusic award RUTH during the TFF Rudolstadt in July 2015.



"A very cool album with some moments of heartbreaking beauty. Highly Recommended." 

Wondering sounds 04/2014, New York (U.S.) 

"Just a thrilling album, and one of the brighter spots of 2014."

Dave Sumner, Bird is the worm 04/2014 


«Emotional and probing the depth of sound - Masaa confidently performs the unbridled dance of freedom in a manner which is only possible in modern times of mistrust and animosity between widely separated world views.» 

Jazz Podium 09/2012 



Find out more: 
youtube-channel: www.youtube.com/masaaband 




Rabih Lahoud, vocals
studied classical piano, composition, classical vocals, and jazz vocals. He feels at home in both Western and Eastern music traditions, the latter due to his Arabian roots. This ambivalence adds to the charm of the confluence of musical styles. He formed the band “Eternal Voyage” with Markus Stockhausen, and together they released a CD in 2009 and performed together in the Cologne Concert Hall as well as many other venues. He teaches at the music college of Düsseldorf and Hamburg 


Marcus Rust, trumpet
discovered a personal interest in foreign cultures on a trip to India while he was performing his compulsory community service. This experience defines his work with organist Christian Grosch in a duo they call “Zia”. The musicians focus their energies on combining jazz and traditional music of a variety of cultures with jazz in a church setting. He teaches at the University of Arts in Berlin. 


Clemens Pötzsch, piano
has intimately pursued the connection between traditional folk music and modern variations of jazz for many years. He is influenced greatly by traditional Slavic music due to his Sorbian roots, which he brings to bear in his band Slavicon. 

Demian Kappenstein, percussion
released a CD with the “Ring Ensemble” last year, the fruition of a joint effort with two other musicians to form a jazz trio in an ensemble with historical stringed instruments. He lavished attention on the experiences gained through his travels in Kosovo, Taiwan, Turkey, Macedonia, Israel, and other countries in Solo Concerts for Percussion with the track “Travel Suite”. He is the current drummer of the band of Miss Platnum. 


Booking and info +31 645 241 487 or email

Sabrina Lahoud +49 (0) 176-32 31 55 24

Marcus Rust +49 (0) 176 324 016 68

More on www.masaa-music.de