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Songs, Russian Chants, Miniatures


Tom Arthurs - trumpet / flügelhorn (new bandmate since 2014) (bio)

Paul van Kemenade – alto saxophone (bio)
Stevko Busch – piano (bio)
Markku Ounaskari – perc (ECM)



On the album: Markus Stockhausen – trumpet / flügelhorn (bandmate until end 2013)


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1. (sufi): Men free of possession – men who are unpossessed
2. Organ register which sounds like a shepard’s flute



After a beautiful and inspiring time together, Markus Stockhausen decided to focus on his work as a soloist, composer and his own groups - and keep time for his family. It was a pleasure to work together.


Tom Arthurs, who worked in several combinations with Stevko, lately in InnerTimeSpace with Jan Bang and Samuel Rohrer, is joining FUGARA as the new bandmate. Welcome!

"Busch's Cheruvimi was an understated highlight of the set, a delicate  tone poem that was largely a duo with the finessed Ounaskari, as the  pianist quietly whistled its soft melody. There's a lot about Fugara  that could make it an appropriate act for ECM; whether or not that  happens with the quartet's subsequent work, its sublime set at DJ&WM  2012 suggested plenty of potential yet to be tapped."
John Kelman on www.allaboutjazz.com/


Inducing the Spark
"For pianist Stevko Busch, music comes to life in the interaction between the musicians. Having played electronic music in earlier years, his personal musical quest has led him away from large ensembles, to discover the acoustic duo as an ideal constellation for his musical development.


In both his compositional style and improvisational language as well as his place within the ensemble, Busch is a reserved player, preferring to pave the way for his fellow players, inducing them to spark and bring the music to life.

His duo with the versatile alto saxophonist Paul van Kemenade provides the basis for the music which can be heard on the album CONTEMPLATION.


Busch and Van Kemenade combine the spirituality of Abdullah Ibrahim with the passion and depth of Russian Orthodoxy and other eastern sources. It was Busch who indicated a new direction to Van Kemenade, and the saxophonist who opened up new and wider horizons.

This offers a natural connection to two other musicians, each capable of shaping the horizon in their own way, adding wonderful colours and textures to the soundscape.


Tom Arthurs’s elegant and flexible trumpet sound and the colourful palette of the melodic percussionist Markku Ounaskari broaden the scope of the music, adding complementary lines and layers to the weave.

For music to connect and spark, it must be grasped and understood, both by the musicians and by the audience. This quartet plays with this spirit, with influences from both east and west, well-chosen and transformed by Stevko Busch and his bandmates."

(Henning Bolte)