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Markus Stockhausen

Markus Stockhausen (b. 1957) is one of the few trumpet soloists who can move effortlessly between contemporary, classical music and modern jazz. For about 25 years he collaborated closely with his father, the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, who has composed many beautiful works for him. Markus’s approach to the creation of “intuitive music” is influenced by classical, post-bop, free jazz, world music, electronica and ambient music, and takes advantage of his outstanding command of the instrument. 

As a teacher he regularly gives seminars on "Singing and Silence" as well as on "Intuitive Music And More". His focus lies on transformation through sound.


In our collaboration we focus on these of his projects:


Inside Out - Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber (piano)
OUT NOW: "ALBA" on  ECM records


Moving Sounds - Markus Stockhausen & Tara Bouman (clarinets)


Landscapes - Markus Stockhausen & Ferenc Snétberger (acoustic guitar)


Angelo Comisso, Jörg Brinkmann, Christian Thomé, Markus Stockhausen

Eternal Voyage - One World Music
Rabih Lahoud, Florian Weber, Dinesh Mishra, Tara Bouman, Yonga Sun and Markus Stockhausen


Soloist with orchestra or choir perfoming his own compositions 


Booking Benelux and Info: +31 (0)645 241 487 or email

QUADRIVIUM AND INSIDE OUT Benelux only. Rest of the world: o-tonemusic.eu 

Orchestra and choir in collaboration with Stricker Kulturmanagement



An early recording with pianist Rainer Brüninghaus (Continuum, ECM) finds him weaving intricate and electrifying lines on trumpet, flugelhorn and piccolo trumpet. His subsequent work with bassist Gary Peacock, guitarist Ralph Towner, his frequent collaborations with bassist Arild Andersen and percussionist Patrice Héral (Kàrta, Joyosa, Electric Treasures), his numerous duo collaborations, notably with Tara Bouman on clarinets: Moving Sounds, with jazz pianist Florian Weber: Inside Out, with the hungarian guitar virtuoso Ferenc Snétberger, and earlier on with his brother, Simon Stockhausen, his trio Lichtblick with pianist Angelo Comisso and drummer Christian Thomé, now in a new quartett called Quadrivium with cellist Jörg Brinkmann, his recent collaboration with Jasper van’t Hof and Joey Baron, as well as his solo concerts, often together with a special light design by Rolf Zavelberg, have all yielded fresh perspectives.


As a composer he has received commissions from, among others, the RIAS Chamber Choir, The London Sinfonietta, the Orchestra d‘Archi Italiana, the Winterthur Chamber Orchestra, the Cheltenham Music Festival and The 12 Cellists from the Berlin Philharmonic. In 2007 he wrote „Tanzendes Licht“ for trumpet, big band and string orchestra for the Swiss Jazz Orchestra and the Camerata Bern, as well as „Symbiosis“, a double concerto for clarinet and trumpet with string orchestra, comissioned by the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra. In 2009 he composed „Oliver’s Adventures“ for children’s orchestra and choir, in 2011 „Yin“ and „Yang“ for the Metropole Orchestra, premiered at the Muziekgebouw Amsterdam for the Holland Festival. Also in 2011 he wrote „GeZEITen“ for about 600 musicians, comissioned by the Niedersächsische Musiktage in Cuxhaven. In 2012: „Ein Glasperlenspiel“ for solo trumpet and accordeon orchestra, 2013: „Das Erwachende Herz“ for solo trumpet, clarinet, voice and symphony orchestra, comissioned and performed by the Hamburger Symphoniker.


More than 60 CDs document his work. Regularly he gives workshops on Intuitive Music and More and seminars in Singing and Silence. 


For more infos: www.markusstockhausen.de