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Stichting Galerie der Töne / Gallery of Tones Foundation

Van de Spieghelstraat 6
6828 VZ Arnhem, NL
+31 (0)645 241 487

ANBI - instelling


Board of management
Esther Hardi (chairman)
Martijn Goedings (secretary, treasurer)


Artistic director
Stevko Busch


Collaboration in international artist management and booking

Foundation Paul van Kemenade





The non-profit Gallery of Tones foundation promotes pan-European cultural exchange through musical partnerships, concerts and events.

To pave the way for collaborations, we bring musicians and composers together who unite new sounds with European musical traditions and are not afraid to diverge from genre-typical roles.

Our programmes intertwine tradition and innovation, composed and improvised music. Just one example of this is the Pianolab.Amsterdam series (2006 until 2012), which in collaboration with the Goethe Institut, is dedicated to modern piano music.

In organising concert series, we offer time for presentations, talks and contact, and also offer journalists, organisers and producers the opportunity to describe the musical event from their own perspective. The resulting exchange between ‘creatives’ and ‘intermediaries’ can make a valuable contribution to promoting the perception of development in music amongst the public.

The foundation also organises concerts and tours for selected ensembles and soloists.